Property Management Services For Owners

Vashon Property Management is a full-service property manager.  Our senior staff has extensive experience in asset and property management across all property types.  Our focus is currently on residential and retail properties.  When you trust your investment property to us, we will provide the following services: 


Before we even begin to market your property, we conduct the following:


  • We review with you and secure your approval of our standard lease agreement.
  • We inspect the property and document its condition:
    • We take extensive pictures of the property using “date-stamped” digital photos which are then maintained in your file for future reference and proof of condition.
    • We prepare a list of suggested repairs or improvements which we believe will assist in the marketing effort as well as potentially impact the rental value.
    • We review with you our property inspection findings, and suggest rental rates.


We advertise your property by:


  • Photo display at of our Vashon office.
  • Our Website:
  • On
  • In the local newspaper.


Advertising is at owner expense.  However, we will prepare and secure your approval for a budget and specific media before advertising your property.



Tenant Screening

We conduct a thorough diligence on prospective tenants before placing them into your property.  After accepting a tenant application, our screening process includes but is not limited to:


  • Credit check and verification of income.
  • Current and previous rental history.
  • Criminal history check and sex offender check.
  • Unlawful detainer search (legal eviction search).


Tenant Documentation

Before moving an approved tenant into your property, we perform the following efforts on your behalf.  We:


  • Handle all rental inquires and show the rental to tenant applicants.  When there are multiple applications, we make a qualitative judgment regarding which tenant should be accepted; we do not rent your property on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Prepare and secure the execution of the lease agreement with your tenant.
  • Conduct A tenant accompanied walk-through to document the property condition pre-move in.
  • Complete a walk-through inspection report at move-in and move-out including photos.
  • Collect security and other tenant deposits which are placed in a trust account.
  • Collect the monthly rent.


  • We handle all repairs and emergencies utilizing known and trusted vendors and in some cases, our maintenance staff.  Owners are informed immediately of any necessary repairs and/or emergencies.
  • We ensure legal compliance with all federal statutes and the Washington State Landlord Tenant Act.
  • We available 24/7 to owners and tenants for rental emergencies.



  • We collect and bank your rent payments.
  • We provide monthly detailed statement and yearly income/expense report documenting all monies held in the owner’s account, expenses for repairs/maintenance, rental receipts and management fees.
  • We provide a yearly 1099 report.


And, of course, our staff is always available to our clients to discuss any issue of concern.


Our typical residential property fee is 10% to 12% of the monthly rent, depending on the property and leasing circumstances. A tenant placement fee of half of one month rent is deducted from the first full month rent of all new tenants.  For higher-priced homes, multi-family and retail properties, our fees are somewhat lower.   We charge a $250.00 fee for documenting lease extensions or renewals.  Finally, we charge 20% of revenue for vacation and other short-term rentals.

If you want to contact us for more property management information call us at 206-463-5333 or email at